The expanding void is a dream that I had that ended off the month of may and drifted me off into June.


The dream started with my father driving us down a bridge highway in his truck. While we were driving down the highway, I spotted some sort of black hole in midair, elevated at about our level. The 'eye' was about a meter across and there was purple matter spiraling into it. We were able to move on as the black hole wasn't sucking us in (strange), despite seeing a very potential danger.

We're off the highway and quite a distance from the anomaly now, but we notice that the black hole has expanded to a much greater size by sucking up smaller black holes that have the same structure as it. It was also now expanding at an alarming rate, just enough to not be able to outrun. I ended up being absorbed, but my dad's fate was unknown. Chances are he was absorbed too, though.


The way the black hole appeared obviously came from the portal entities from "The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+" which is my favorite game, and I highly recommend you check it out if you have a fancy for roguelikes.

The highway leads to an old ShopRite that my mother used to work at.