This is the place where I type out all the dreams that don't have enough detail to have an entire article on their own. If you're really that hungry to hear more about my dreams, then you've come to the right place.

Minor dreams that I've had

Amusement Park Revisit (5/27/2017-5/28/2017)

I've had 2 field trips to 2 amusement parks 3 years apart. This is the night that I revisited one of them (Likely the first one, but that's uncertain) and some other strange place with some sort of large structure. I can't remember what that structure was.

Edmund McMillen Fixes My Computer/ The Red Flying Eel (8/6/17-8/7/17)

  1. Whenever I started up my computer, a bunch of virus-influenced popups would appear. Luckily, Edmund McMillen was there to help me fix it.
  2. I was either swimming in either a pool next to a fancy-looking house or a dark pond, or both. I was also in ghost-form, but not in the way you'd expect. Instead of a humanoid shape such as myself, I took the appearance of a small, red eel. While in this shape, I was able to breathe underwater with ease. It felt like I was breathing air.