This is the first dream I've had about using my computer in a while.


The dream started with a normal YouTube video, genre unknown. The description contained a link to another YouTube video, which I followed. However, the video was somehow infected with viruses and started about 5 downloads on my computer. Unfortunately, they were all too fast to cancel and were not caught by Google as malicious.

A new window Chrome window opened, and the homepage has changed a lot. There appeared to be a lot of bloatware and possibly adware with the new theme. I first try to delete the files directly from my computer, but I soon figure, "Why bother?" Finding and getting rid of all of them would be difficult, and there's so many. I switch to plan B, which is to simply preform a system restore. The window opens, and I choose the latest point before the malicious files were installed.


Why I had the dream may be because of the time I was looking for a trustworthy site to install .ico files on so I could play on Dolphin (Saturday night, 6/3/17). An untrustworthy site in particular was "Freeroms", which prompted me to install something else along with the file. I declined, and the download began. However, instead of the .ico file, it was an exe file. I managed to delete it safely. After that, I managed to find a legitimate site called "Emuparadise".

The system restore GUI had thumbnails for them. They were of Giygas fanart I've made in the past (from that dream's timeline, not in real life). These were inspired from a 'toy' I was using the night before I had the dream. It's called "pix2pix", which allows the user to draw something, and the generator will make something of it. It's terrifying. You can play with it here: